Polar Furnace

Our UPDRAFT Heater delivers on simplicity. Nothing is complicated about this heater. Get wood... any kind or type of wood. If it isn't dry wood, let it dry for a few months. Then load the firechamber, ignite the fire, close the rugged firechamber door and walk away. The UPDRAFT heater will do the rest and generate hot water for your heating needs. Built to be simple and reliable, the waterjacket and firechamber are manufactured from 1/4" thick certified boiler plate steel. Rugged, very simple and easy to use.

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The Polar Furnace downdraft G-Class heater delivers 3rd generation modern outdoor wood gasification technology for a very competitive price. This unit includes everything we have learned from a decade of downdraft gasification heater design to create a simple, reliable, and user friendly hot water heater that sets new benchmarks for performance.

Polar outdoor wood furnace G-Series brochure